The Comet's Trail

By Darren Grey  

A hunter chases a legend in her quest to become Elite

Johanna Meister is a bounty hunter with cerebral palsy, a rare condition that has made her fight hard for respect and acknowledgement of her skills. For her the quest to become Elite has become more than just a life dream, it has become an obsession. It has been the driving force behind a lonely life as a hunter and a hired killer. She craves desperately to prove that she can be the best, regardless of her background or her condition. Now, closer to her goal than ever before, she seeks out the ultimate bounty - the Silver Comet.

Fabled as the hunter of hunters, a dark and unknown terror in void, following the mysterious trail may take all she has to give. But without mercy, without hesitation, without regret, Johanna will give it all to be Elite.

"Make peace with life, make good of ails, make done all wins and fails,

Before you follow into shadows the Silver Comet’s trail"

About the Author

Frontier fan, lover of physics and procedural games, and author of "The Comet's Trail". Read More
Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

Published by Fantastic Books Publishing

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