Ulla Susimetsä    

Author of "Blood Is Thicker"

Reading and writing have been Ulla's passions since she was five years old. Her main interest is historical fiction, but she likes to make an occasional foray into anything else as long as the story, characters or setting has that "special something". Her writing reads like historical fiction, but has a habit of veering towards entirely fictional settings or including elements of the fantastic. Known by her family and (few) friends as a hermitic introvert, it took her years to summon the courage to enter a short story to a writing competition. Much to her shock, the story, written in Finnish, won the second place. The award-winning short story was published in a Finnish sci-fi and fantasy magazine in Autumn 2013.

In addition to anything book related, Ulla loves history, is fascinated by Vikings, eats too much chocolate and works out listening to battle metal in a hopeless attempt to magically convert at least some of that chocolate into muscle. She is a wife and a mother of one mercurial child, aka a pocket-sized barbarian, works very irregularly as a freelance translator, and devotes her nearly non-existent free time to writing. She loves movies and music, swords and baking, and spending time at her family's summer place on a quiet island. Every summer she attends Mediaeval Fairs with her family.

Ulla's story in Tales from the Frontier is her first sci-fi story and her first story published in English.

You can also follow Ulla on Facebook or through her blog Wrestles with Words.

Blood Is Thicker

To banish slavery in a world that sees no moral wrong in it, Annora of unknown origins wages a personal war against a mighty foe – the Imperial family. Read More
Tales From The Frontier
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