Nicholas Hansen  

Author of "An Ode To Betty Cole"

Born in Kiwi-land, living in Australia. Nick has been a prolific script writer for well over 15 years and works happily within the Australian broadcast industry as a director.

He discovered Frontier on the Amiga 500, and continues to have a love affair with the scope and scale that it provided - all on an 800k floppy disk. He's been playing the game casually ever since and has even managed to port it to his iPhone. And because Elite/Frontier was the kind of game in which you could do anything, across the years there's been quite a few scenarios that have unfolded in Nick's gameplay that he felt could have become stories.

One such moment stuck with him significantly and he aspired to perhaps write it as a short story one day.

So when the anthology project surfaced on Kickstarter looking for writers, he decided to take a punt and back the project. "It's now or never", but thanks to Chris, the story 'An Ode To Betty Cole' will be told...

An Ode To Betty Cole

En route to the innards of the Cegreeth system, the world weary crew of ’Oboe’ - a mercenary frigate - intercept a 150 year old video transmission. But some things would have been better to remain lost. Read More
Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

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