Gaz Bailey   

Author of "Nature's Way"

Unrepentant fiend from 1990's sci-fi land, providing Nature's Way to the anthology.

Gaz is a 33 year old lyricist and musician who probably should have been a writer. As it is, he's been assailing people with a load of old noise for the last fifteen years instead.

He discovered Elite over the shoulder of his big brother when he was too young to understand the importance of docking, smashed the family Cobra up a few times and went to read the Dark Wheel over and over instead. It remains one of his favourite bedtime stories.

Elite Plus and Frontier on the Amiga happened to him at the age of sixteen. These are still better than having a job.

Today, he's mainly a rationalist rapper, prolific blogger and reborn chaotic-neutral gaming kitling. Only the thought of writing fiction set in the Elite universe could make an MC (who considers writing sixteen rhyming bars of 140 words or so to be an achievement) agree to provide 8000 on a deadline.

You can connect with some of Gaz's music and receive sporadic updates on the story via Facebook or Twitter.

Nature's Way

In the year 3300, humanity still can't resist getting up close and personal with the most dangerous creatures the universe can throw at them. Read More
Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

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