Darren Grey   

Author of "The Comet's Trail"

Frontier fan, lover of physics and procedural games, and author of The Comet's Trail.

Darren is originally from Dublin and these days lives in London, working in project management in academic energy research. His first experience of the Elite series was with Frontier as a teenager. It changed his life, pushing him towards a degree in physics, a love of classical music and a fascination with procedural game design.

Darren isn't new to writing game-related stories - he is lead writer for the epic fantasy RPG Tales of Maj'Eyal, which contains close to a novel's worth of short stories and background lore he has written to fill in the game's universe. He also is lead writer for the upcoming sci-fi horror roguelike Jupiter Hell.

Another of his hobbies is making his own procedural roguelike games, regularly taking part in time-limited game jams. He maintains a blog on roguelike game design and has been hosting the weekly design-focussed Roguelike Radio since 2011.

Follow him on Twitter for mostly game-related meanderings: @dgrey0

The Comet's Trail

Make peace with life, make good of ails, make done all wins and fails, Before you follow into shadows the Silver Comet’s trail. Read More
Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

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