Christopher Jarvis   

Author of "Children of Zeus"

Christopher Jarvis is a full-time writer and audio fiction producer. Chris' involvement with the modern Elite community began with a chance invitation to join the Lave Radio podcast from fellow writer Allen Stroud (Elite: Lave Revolution). Since then, he is best known for writing and producing Escape Velocity), the unofficial Elite: Dangerous full-cast audio serial - currently in post-production with a second series. His own adventures continue with his new website, The Radio Theatre Workshop, created as a base of operations for multiple audio projects, including the full-cast adaptation of Elite: Lave Revolution.

For Chris, the original Elite comes with hazy memories of spinning shapes and stockmarket menus he was too young to understand. With the release of Frontier: Elite II, however, Chris' gaming world was changed forever. Frontier was the first time he ever lost himself in a game for almost 24 hours straight, ultimately losing control of his legs and falling to the floor. He says, "This is a universe I've been exploring in my head for 20 years. It's a great opportunity to get those stories on paper and share them with a wider audience."

Over the years, Chris has written for a plethora of media, with work performed on stage, for Machinima and for radio. He also has two published short stories and one unpublished novel. For two years he wrote for the gaming website Game People, where he produced a semi-regular podcast of his reviews. Outside writing and audio production, Chris is an enthusiastic actor with a local theatre, a scuba diver, pen-and-paper roleplayer, videogamer and recent father. He describes his biggest challenge as "trying not to be interested in everything."

Chris was working on "an amazing novel" when Elite: Dangerous took over his life. Maybe one day he'll go back to it.

The Children Of Zeus

At the limit of human experience, beyond the frontier, lonely explorer Commander Weyson makes a discovery of unimaginable importance. What will the search for knowledge truly cost? Read More
Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

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