Allen L Farr  

Author of "A Game of Death"

An avid fan old school pen and paper RPG's and author of A Game of Death

Allen has reached the venerable 40s and is still none the wiser as to what he really wants to do when he grows up. Allen knows that writing a short story for Elite: Dangerous will not help him grow up any faster, and might in fact slow the process down considerably; something he is looking forward to in his old age.

Allen has been writing for less than three years, and normally writes content and adventures for pen and paper RPG's. Allen started writing after he entered a competition to write a small adventure for the FASA owned game Earthdawn, and surprised himself by unexpectedly winning first place. As a fan of the original Elite, Allen sees the anthology short story as a different kind of challenge, as most of the material he has previously authored does not include much in the way of character dialogue. Allen finds nothing stranger than writing about himself in third person.

As well as writing a short story for Elite: Dangerous, Allen is currently writing for Dead Stop Walking and Cosmothea . He has recently had his sci fi adventure 'Singularity' published as part of the Ingenero core rulebook.

Allen has yet to succumb to the world wide alien conspiracy known as social media, and as such cannot be followed on twitter or facebook.

A Game of Death

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Tales From The Frontier
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