About The Book

Elite: Tales From The Frontier is an official anthology of 15 beautifully illustrated stories, set in the Elite: Dangerous universe.

Our authors and illustrator come from a range of backgrounds and experience, but are all tied together with a common goal - to produce a great book that enriches the Elite: Dangerous universe.

We believe we have achieved that goal.

Please help to spread the word about our project across the galaxy. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter, and we're active on the Elite: Dangerous Forums.

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Tales From The Frontier is available right now as a 462 page eBook and as MP3/CD audiobooks. You can buy from:

Paperback, Hardcover and Special Editions are available right now, please note that the delivery of these physical editions may be delayed depending on stock levels.

Reader Review

“It's a door into a universe rich with story, lore and history and it's the gritty Elite universe to boot! You get the feeling a short story is good when you forget it's a short story. And when you don't want it to end is also a good sign. But when it leaves you with your thoughts floating in the shared reality they've created, forming a reality you imagine being part of, you know its great. There's several like that in this sci-fi collection all sharing the same universal reality but each completely standalone. Very good work by the authors, I highly recommend the book. The fact that it is tied to the upcoming Elite: Dangerous game is a bonus. And if you like this look out for the other official Elite books too.”

By Maximus Excelsior via Amazon UK on 16th September 2014

Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

Published by Fantastic Books Publishing

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